We help manufacturers improve the performance, safety and lifespan of vehicles and their components.

No matter the challenge, we take great pride in finding the right solutions for your needs. Our collaboration with our customers and our understanding of global trends enable us to develop innovative solutions for the transportation industry.


Purifying Cabin Air and Controlling Evaporative Emissions

Our activated carbon products help keep cabin air fresh by removing smells, gaseous pollutants and other harmful substances from outside air.

Additionally, activated carbon is the most commonly used technology for controlling evaporative emissions because it not only adsorbs high levels of volatile hydrocarbons, but it also desorbs a large quantity of the hydrocarbons generated during purging. Learn more about our activated carbon solutions for air purification.


High Performance Solutions

PROPEL® carbon black for elastomer reinforcement products are engineered to reduce tire rolling resistance, improve vehicle fuel economy and provide a high level of tread durability.

Featured Applications


We supply specialty carbon blacks, masterbatches and conductive compounds that can deliver a range of performance attributes.

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Electronics & Energy Storage

Our performance additives and activated carbons are used to store energy, extract efficiency and increase capacity and lifetimes for batteries and more.

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We deliver high-performance solutions that can increase tread durability, reduce rolling resistance and improve traction.

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Industrial Rubber Products

Our solutions enable performance requirements ranging from high durability to fluid resistance, conductivity, resistivity and more.

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We provide best-in-class additives that can improve the color, processing, application, strength, thermal properties and safety of your coating system.

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Air Purification

Activated carbon plays an integral role in purifying the world's air quality, indoors and out.

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