Industrial Chemicals

Industrial chemicals are produced for use in downstream consumer applications.

Our activated carbon products help to purify, decolorize and deodorize these industrial chemicals for processes from manufacturing of high-grade phosphoric acids to decolorizing antifreeze/glycol solutions. Our broad portfolio of high-purity and consistent activated carbons are used for a wide variety of industrial chemical applications such as:

  • Alum for the removal of color and high molecular organics (proteins); activated carbon provides a high adsorptive capacity, excellent filtration, antifreeze (Glycol), enables recycling of antifreeze, decolorizes and removes organic impurities
  • Caustic soda for the removal of mercury
  • Electroplating solutions and baths for the removal of organic impurities
  • Hydrochloric acid for the removal of organics such as chloro-benzene and toluene
  • Phosphoric acid for the removal of organic impurities; activated carbon produces high purity phosphoric acid and decolorizes
  • Soda ash for the removal of trace organic molecules