Cosmetic Ingredients and E 153 Colorants

We offer a complete colorant portfolio.

Eyeliner application

Our product portfolio is comprised of three colorant grades with tight lower and upper coloring power specifications. They offer the highest coloring power available in the market. When using our products, manufacturers achieve the lowest color addition in weight percentages, consistent lot-to-lot coloring power, a very narrow particle size distribution to ensure good material flow and very high purity specifications for metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Specifically designed to impart a black color in cosmetics (i.e. mascara and eyeliner), pharmaceuticals, foods and other consumer products, our activated carbon products meet the requirements for E 153 of the E.C. Regulations, Commission Directive 231/2012. In the EU, E 153 is labelled as CI77268:1 when used in cosmetics.

These products can also be used as a cosmetic ingredient other than a colorant due to their abrasive, adsorptive and opacifying properties (referred to as charcoal powder).