Mobile Filter Rentals

We offer mobile filter vessels for a wide variety of adsorption applications. The filters are filled with virgin carbon or reactivated granular activated carbon (GAC).

Mobile filter

There are many benefits to choosing mobile filters rather than permanent filter vessels:

  • Ideal for temporary solutions, e.g. emergencies
  • Flexible rental period
  • Modular set up allows the number of filters to be adapted
  • Quick and easy to install; plug and play concept
  • No on-site handling of GAC during exchanges
  • Very suitable for trial runs
  • No capital investment needed by the user

Main applications:

Gas/Air: AERO filters

The mobile filters are used for purification of process exhaust gasses and vent air streams. Examples include combating the emissions of odorous compounds, solvents and siloxanes. The stainless steel filter is placed on a robust galvanized frame and is suitable for flows in the range of 150 - 2000 m3/h. 

Food and Beverage and Fine Chemicals: PURO filters

Typical applications include the purification of beverages, sweeteners, glycerin and pharmaceuticals. Treatment objectives are color removal, provision of long-term color stability and removal of off-tastes and odors. The filters are made from high-quality stainless steel and their design allows for optimal cleaning in order to ensure a food grade operation. The available capacity of the standard filters is 2 m3/h. 

Water: AQUA filters

These filters can be used for the treatment of contaminated groundwater, landfill leachate, industrial wastewater and process water. For potable water, dedicated filters are available. Treatment targets include removal of overall organics such as COD and TOC and dissolved micropollutants such as chlorinated solvents, PAH, BTEX and pesticides. The coated carbon steel filters (AQUA#50/60) are delivered by a dedicated truck, which is able to lift the filter into its upright position on-site. The AQUA#10 filters are made from high quality stainless steel. A range of mobile filters is available for flows of 1 – 60 m3/h. 

Thermal reactivation of exhausted GAC

Today, exhausted GAC is reactivated rather than being disposed after one-time use. We offer reactivation services at our plants in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Italy. Our rental filters are supplied from these sites as well. Transport of used GAC is subject to Regulation (EC) 1013/2006.