Reactivation Services

In addition to virgin activated carbon, we offer reactivated activated carbon for use in the food and beverage, gas and air, wastewater, potable water and chemicals markets.

Recycling spent granular or extruded activated carbon not only offers an initial cost savings when compared to virgin carbon, it also eliminates the disposal costs of incineration and landfill disposal and is environmentally responsible. Reactivation is the means by which spent carbon can be recycled and sold as new. 

Granular activated carbon (GAC) has an infinite reactivation characteristic, requiring just 10% make-up carbon to restore spent carbon to its original adsorptive capacity. Reactivated carbon offers a number of economic and environmental benefits:

  • Reduces cost, as it is approximately 40% less than virgin carbon
  • Ends the chain of custody for adsorbed contaminants, thereby minimizing customer liabilities
  • Eliminates spent carbon handling and disposal costs
  • Enables you to apply for environmental credits for waste minimization because it is considered a recovered resource
  • Helps you meet sustainability goals as it produces only 20% of the greenhouse gases that virgin carbon manufacturing does

We offer services for off-site thermal reactivation treatment in special kilns at temperatures of 850° C and above. The exhausted carbon is regenerated in state-of-the-art reactivation facilities in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, and we ensure that spent carbon is returned to a 97% or greater adsorption capacity. Our dedicated reactivation facilities are geared to handle specific types of exhausted carbon from potable water treatment and food industries, as well as from wastewater treatment, gas treatment and chemical applications.

You may choose from a variety of programs, including reusing your own carbon after reactivation, participating in a carbon pool or sharing program, and replacing exhausted carbon with virgin carbon. We are also available to help you select a suitable form of carbon transport and handling, including bulk tank car, bulk container or bulk bags.